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List-making is on its way to the top as an obsession: From To-Do to Top 10, it's a phenomenon - and a window into ourselves, according to writer Rachel Leibrock. In her Sacramento Bee article, she points out some lists that reference our own obsession - JRR Tolkien.

Here is an excerpt:

Last year, Amazon launched Listmania, which allows users to compile their own lists featuring products available for sale. After a list is submitted, it turns up whenever someone looks up something that appears on that list.

For example, a list called "Books You Would Loan to Friends" features, among other things, "Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone." In the margin of the Web page, next to this list, there are about a half-dozen other lists -- including one titled "Best Fantasy Books" -- that also features the J.K. Rowling tome.

And that list, which also has "The Hobbit" on it, is in turn linked to another one featuring the J.R.R. Tolkien classic. That list is called, appropriately enough, "Fantasy Books for People Annoyed With Harry Potter."

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