girl tug-o-war - aragorns love battle in a poem

Oh Aragorn get you head on straight
You dont know what you are miss'en
You have 2 pretty girls who want you bad
If you die they will both go mad

First the maiden-elf Evenstar
Her beauty is the fairest of all
Her father says no i can let you marry a man
(But who gives a care for him)
Then by moonlight you take her with your charm
And then the magic happened
But you left her to go and save Middle Earth
(I would not blame you)

Next you have the tomboyish, lady Eowyn
So pretty in all of her gowns
And you might not see it but,
She may have a crush on you
She has much to stand for
In hopes and Dreams among other things.

You should choose and tell the girl that you love
For if you dont and the other girl finds out
You might have so different things on your hands
And they wont be orcs or gobblins or The dark Lord himself
Just make sure
She doesn't find out in her " Special time of the Month"

So i have warned you
So let it be told
So dont forget what i told you
So dont get killed
So you think I care
SO I HOPE YOU HAVE FUN and kill the bad guys for me

Bunches of love,
From your Ma

(Yes i know that i am dead so dont remind me)

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