Gate of the Dimrill Dale - A song to the tune of The Animal's "House of the Rising Sun"

Gate Of The Dimrill Dale
(sung to the tune of "House of the Rising Sun" by Animals)

There is a gate behind the mountains,
They call it the Dimrill Gate
And it's been the tomb of many a good folk,
And God, he knows, his fate

His mother was a Brandybuck,
She drowned in Brandywine
His father was a Baggins,
Down in Hobbiton

And the only things a hobbit needs,
Is a pony and a blade
And the only time he's satisfied,
Is when he's lying in a shade

So mothers, tell your children,
Not to accept any rings
Or you'll spend your life in misery,
At the gate of the Dimrill Dale

He's got one foot on the bridge,
The other foot on the staircase
He's going back to Dimrill Gate,
To fight the sword and mace.

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