Frodo in the Company of Pokemon

Thanks to "bcodding" for this bit on LOTR on TV.

I'm willing to put money down that Frodo's name was added because of the movie creeping into the media's spotlight recently...

Last night on Who Wants to be a Millionaire (ABC - 11/18/99), a contestant had a question for $500,000 that involved the Lord of the Rings. The question was, Which of the following is not a Pokemon character? They listed out four selections with one of the choices being Frodo. The contestant was able to eliminate two of the choices by using a 50/50 option (which you can do once to remove two wrong answers). Unfortunately, he still did not know the answer so he stopped playing and walked off with $250,000. My six year old son knew the answer (we just started the Return of the King).

To make matters worse, Regis Philbin, the host, gave everyone the correct answer by saying: "Of course all us adults know the correct answer, it's Frodo from the Hobbit."

It appears there are still people out there who need educating.

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