Fangorn: The Opera - New Contemporary Opera set in Middle-earth

Fangorn - Tolkien's VisionSharon sent me an email with the following info... Hmm... Perhaps people are going a bit too far in the "artistic" interpretations of Tolkien's masterpiece...

I saw a poster for an opera called "Fangorn" to be held here in Wellington. I called the ticket sellers (0800 2 266548). It is by J.C. Harper (anyone ever heard of them?) and is described as a "new contemporary opera set in Middle-Earth" featuring characters from LOTR telling their stories in song. The music styles range from country-western to jazz, opera etc.

The company putting it on is the Roundwheel Music Company (never heard of them), and it is on March 11 and 12th. Tickets are $15 or $12 concession.

If anybody gets a chance to see it, go right ahead and email me so the rest of us can know precisely how they managed to incorporate country music into Middle-earth (oh, and by the way, I hear Treebeard has a great falsetto ;-) ).

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