Elements: Dreams of the Dead, Visions of the Living - chapter 1 - by PipkinSweetgrass

“Do you dream?” Pippin asked.
“Why, of course.” This was the voice. Whose voice Pippin could not actually pinpoint, but it sounded very nice. The voice was a deep, warm voice, one so deep and warm and welcoming that one might sink into it, like a cozy feather bed.
“Of what do you dream?”
“Many things, even things for which there are no words.”
“That is no answer,” answered Pippin.
The voice laughed, and then it asked, “What would you have me tell you, then?”
“Only, just what is it you dream of? If you have not a simple explanation, then just tell me what the best dreams are about.”
“Well, the best dreams are the ones in which I am dying.”

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