Changes in the Messageboard - As requested: New Boards

Over the last couple of weeks Jonathan and I have received several great ideas on new forums on the messageboard. We have moved a couple things around and we have added a couple new features.

The first is a section called Talk. This is the place for all conversation that is off topic or not Tolkien related. Occasionally we will move a topic that has gone off topic into the Talk forum.

The second section we have added is called The Prancing Pony. This is the place to hang out and Roleplay. I can hardly wait to see some brave soul take off to surrounding parts of middle earth. If you head over there make sure you stay in character and try to be respectful of Tolkien's world.

We are considering a fan fiction section. Drop us an e-mail or stop by the messageboards under The One Ring and let us know what you think.
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