Cast your vote for The Lord of the Rings - The UK's Best Loved Book

Just received the following from Aisling: This is an update about the BBC's 'Big Read' project which aims to find people's best loved novel. In spring this year the BBC set out to find the top 100 books as voted for by the public. The top 21 books are to battle it out for the title of 'best-loved book'. Documentaries about each of these books are currently being aired and people are invited to vote once more to decide which book will come first. If any of the visitors to tolkienonline have access to BBC2 they will be able to see a half-hour documentary on LOTR at around 9pm next Saturday. The documentaries on other books have been excellent so it should be worth watching. LOTR is currently coming top of the pile in terms of votes. To cast your vote just go to
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