Calling All Hobbits - Documentary film-makers conducting on-line search for Tolkien fans

We spotted the following announcement on The Lord of the Rings Movie Site:

Assassin Films, the production company behind documentary-in-progress have released the following press article.

“We are conducting a worldwide search on-line to give Tolkien fans the opportunity to convey their personal accounts of how the author’s work has inspired them.

The amount of feedback we have had from people all over the globe wishing to be part of the documentary has been overwhelming. It is only fair to give everybody the same opportunity. We have set up a dedicated area on our site for those who wish to share their personal stories with other members of the fellowship. We’ve called it The Inspiration Room. You are all cordially invited to the Long-expected Party.”

According to Searching's website, "Searching for the Hobbit, the documentary, discovers a real world of the Fellowship. People from all corners of the globe tell Assassin Films their stories of struggle and triumph and how they have been inspired by JRR Tolkien. Each and every week you will be able to view up to date interviews of their stories in our on-line cinema room.

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