Author Terry Pratchett Takes a Swipe at Lord of the Rings? - Friend or Foe of Middle Earth? You Decide!

Award winning author Terry Pratchett has Tolkien fans wondering whether he's an ally or enemy of Middle Earth.   Recently, while accepting the prestigious Carnegie Medal award for his children's book, The Amazing Maurice and His Educated Rodents, Pratchett made several comments that make one wonder if he is criticizing Tolkien's masterpiece or is he paying homage in a very strange way?

Discussing his winning novel, Pratchett said: "Far more beguiling than the idea that evil can be destroyed by throwing a piece of expensive jewellery into a volcano is the possibility that evil can be defused by talking."

He told the audience at the British Library in central London: "As a genre it has become quite respectable in recent years. At least, it can demonstrably make lots and lots and lots of money, which passes for respectable these days. When you can buy a plastic Gandalf with kung-fu grip and rocket launcher, you know fantasy has broken through."

The latter statement appears to be a compliment to the fantasy genre in general, even if it does poke a little fun at those Tolkien fans who ravenously collect plastic Gandalfs and consistently use their rocket launchers on the enemies of Middle Earth.  The dilemma remains, though, do we turn those Gandalf rocket launchers in Pratchett's direction or do we thank him for the homage?

For the full article on Pratchett's award and his comments on Tolkien's works, please visit  the link below. 


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