Announcing Tolkien Online's New Messageboard! - At Long Last...

After a long time cooking some up some new code, we're happy to announce the launch of the brand new Tolkien Online Messageboard!  We've worked quite a bit to ease the transition process, first and foremost being that every thread and post from our old boards have been moved to the new boards. In addition, if you've bookmarked any threads or categories on the old boards, you'll be forwarded to the respective location on the new boards. The new Messageboard also has the ability for you to add your own polls to threads...

Why'd we make the switch?  It was getting increasingly more difficult and time-consuming to maintain our old boards, particularly with the options many new Messageboards have, it would have been time-intensive to recreate much of that new functionality that you users want. Finally, we decided to go with an open-source messageboard--namely phpBB so that we wouldn't have to reinvent all that cool stuff that's already been done.  We had one criteria: if we could make our old messageboard's posts and threads fit into the new one, we'd press forward.  So, we did, and we pressed forward.

Now we have access to an entire community of developers modifying, improving, and adding on to this messageboard software.  We're excited, and you should be too! :-) Sure, there will be a few potholes down this new road... but once they're paved over, we're very excited about the opportunities ahead.

Enjoy! And if you have any feedback, errors, suggestions, email us at

Special thanks to ShadowJack, Gimli_Axe_Wielder, DDraigwen, CrispyCreme, Daefaroth, InnocentEvil, Blackwood, and Threadstalker for helping me squash lots of bugs in such a short time!

*Note For Premiere Members: You will need to reset your color choice for the messageboards by going to the my settings page at


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