Announcement from Middle-earth Toys - Middle-Earth Toys Announces Its First Female Action Figure, Galadriel

Toy Vault's Galadriel
Middle-earth toys announces its first female action figure, Galadriel

Middle-earth Toys, the company responsible for adapting some of the greatest characters in fantasy literature to the action figure format, has announced it's first female figure, the beautiful Noldorin princess, Galadriel.

"Galadriel has always been one of my favorite Tolkien characters," said company co-founder Jon Huston, "so I wanted to make sure we did her justice. While female action figures are currently very big in the marketplace, they almost all, invariably, fall into the over-endowed, scantily clad, amazon warrior category popular with adolescent males. Knowing that this was not the approach to be taken with Galadriel, I had to find a sculptor capable of capturing the delicate, ethereal beauty described by Tolkien. Karl Sanders turned out to be that sculptor as evidenced by his work."

In addition to Sanders, the other members of the creative team include painter Edward Wires, and creative artist Arnie Swekel.

Galadriel will be made available in three variations:

Galadriel, Elven Queen (standard version) Comes with pedestal, urn, basin, and harp.

Galadriel, Lady of the Wood (Diamond exclusive) Comes with pedestal, urn, basin, and harp and featuring a unique paint scheme.

Galadriel, the White Lady (Toy Club exclusive) Comes with pedestal, urn, and basin. Also contains three color scenes to place in Galadriel's Mirror showing the visions seen by the Fellowship members when she asked them to look into her enchanted basin.

All three variants will come with a beaded necklace. Galadriel is expected to be released in the spring of 2000, as part of the Middle-earth Toys Collector Series 4 which will also include the evil, undead Barrow-Wight.

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