AND THIS IS WHAT HAPPENED - What really happened at Mount Doom...

One Ring to banish them all,
One Ring to let them go,
One Ring to party with everyone,
And in the darkness free them...

Quiet and peaceful though he was,
Marching into the heart of the fire,
Frodo gathered all the flames
And threw them all away.

Then someone called Sauron saw him.
He sent a black-and-white nazgul
To go and chase him
As he was too lazy to do so himself.

But, alas, the nazgul
Took the One Ring and somehow
Dropped it on the way.
Sauron cried, "You're fired!"

The battle began,
And the evil face
Appeared from the evil citadel
With a million orcs.

Battling through the flames
Like they owned the Ring,
They reached their destination.
And Frodo decided it was past his bedtime.

Sauron was busy with the battle,
Gollum was busy gloating,
Frodo was busy taking a nap-
While Sam threw It away.

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