An Image and an Idea - We want to post your images to the front page...!

Now that you've seen our redesign, you've noticed that there's an image up in the top left corner. Well, here's the deal... different images will appear randomly at that spot once we have more than one image available, so... we want you to make some cool images!

To do this, all you need is an image editing program (like Photoshop or Paint Shop Pro--a great program you can download here) and an idea! Just create an image that's 250x250 pixels and email it to me (or email me with questions if you've got some).

If you need a couple of ideas just go to our Art Gallery--you can search for images (hint: search for names from Tolkien's books; places, people, things) or just browse through a lot of them (Ted Nasmith and John Howe are my favorites)--maybe you could make a collage using images from the gallery, or you could even draw a new image if you'd like. Let your imagination take you along new paths! And if necessary, use the current image at the top right as a sort of template...

I look forward to posting your images on the site!
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