A Rohrrim Christmas - A Little Poem About Christmas in Rohan

It's A Rohrrim Christmas. It's that time of year.
People in the Pubs. Giving Holiday Cheer.
Oh my God look at Eomer. Ordering another Beer.

It's begging to look a lot like a Rohrrim Christmas Day
All the Horses in their stalls, munching on the Holiday hay.
People riding here and there. Giving gift at the town square
On the Ground and all around the snow makes it look bare.

I look out my window and what do I see.
My horse is making a Santa face at me.
Eomer and Eowyn giving Christmas Joys.
Giving the Children and Youth of Rohan Toys.

Wait where am I. This is Rohan?
What funny stuff in this horse land.
I guess they celebrate Christmas too.
Oh my god, Theoden making Christmas Stew!

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