10 Ways you know that you've seen Lord of the Rings too many times - Too much Lord of the Rings?

How many times have you seen or read Lord of the Rings? Too many? Well, here are the top ten ways that you know that you've seen it one too many times or more.

10. You constantly call your loved one's "My Precious"

9. You apply rogaine to your feet to appear more "Hobbitish"

8. You run off on a 6 month hike with only crackers and a rope just for the heck of it.

7. You throw your wedding ring into the fire place so you can see the runes in it.

6. You won't eat melon, because mellon is your friend.

5. You constantly refer to your father as "Me Ol' Gaffer"

4. You claim the reason you are missing a finger is because Gollum bit it off.

3. Instead of pepper spray, you pack a glass bottle and scream, "Aiya Earëndil Elenion Ancalima!!!" at muggers.

2. When your wife has a baby, you are overheard saying, "He really has Gandalf's nose."

1. You legally change your name to Strider and hang around taverns pestering short people.

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