10 Ways to use Ultra-Strong Adhesive in Middle Earth - In case you are ever stuck in Middle Earth with nothing with you but adhesive.

1- Why won't Gollum just shut up? Not a Problem! Just glue his mouth.

2- "Aww! Why do I have to reforge Narsil??" said the Elven smith. "I know!! I will just glue it!"

3- "Ouch!" yelled Frodo. "Smeagol bit off my finger! Oh, well! I got glue!"

4- Why did the gap in Moria that the fellowship tried to pass fall apart? It wasn't held together by glue!

5- "Oh No!" yelled Sauron. "My fortress, Barad-Dur, is collapsing! Quick, my fighting Uruk-Hai! Glue it together!!"

6- How did Gandalf fall when the Balrog whipped him? He didn't put tape on his footwear!

7- "Oh, no!" Treebeard shouted in despair. "These trees were my friends! Why didn't I hurry over with glue?!"

8- "Why!! Why did Isengard have to fall??!" despaired Saruman. "Curse you, you weak glue!!"

9- How did the Balrog tear apart Moria when it was all put together with glue?

10- "I have to be careful with this ring so I dont put it on!" Frodo told himself. "I could just glue it to my chain!"

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