10 Ways to Know That You Are Obsessed with LOTR - They're Frressh

All I can say is, I hope you will like them.

1.)You spend hours in a bookstore just looking at the works of Tolkien, wishing to buy the store out.

2.)You think about LOTR constantly.

3.)When you are alone, you make up stories about LOTR and act them out.

4.)You reread the books over and over again and you feel guilty if you read a different book.

5.)You wish that you can go to Middle-earth.

6.)You constantly think about your favorite character.

7.)You have watched the movie or read the book so many times you have to buy a new copy.

8.)You get agravated if someone has some wrong information about LOTR and feel you want to bust.

9.)You may not be a purist, yet get mad at some of the smallest details that someone has wrong.

And now, number 10.......

10.)People are always saying that you are obsessed with LOTR.

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