The Two Towers: Review - Wow...

I have seen The Two Towers about 7 times! It is fantastic overall but I am going to give an account of every single second......

I thought the creature Gollum was brilliant. The image was so realistic it was unbelieveable, genius! The voice was perfect and the movement worked too.

All around fantastic acting was seen. Especially by Viggo Mortensen and Elijah Wood.

I was of two minds (remind you of anyone?) about going to see The Two Towers because the first film was so spectacular that I thought the secound couldn't possibly be better, could it?... Yes!

The only thing I would say was a fault was the appearence of Théoden, as I imagined him to be muh older and the fact that they left out the giant spider Shelob who appears towards the end of the second book (sorry to anyone who hasn't read it yet). But who am I to question the sheer genius of Peter Jackson who has produced an amazing sequel to his exhilarating 'The Fellowship of the Ring'.

The Two Towers is wonderful beyond belief!

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