The Lord of the Rings; Middle-Earth The Third Age - The latest lotr game from EA games

The Third Age, the latest LOTR game, is a role playing game. It follows the stories of six new characters, who's journey crosses paths with that of the Fellowship of the Ring, more than once.
Berethor the Gondorion, Idrial the Lothlórien Elf, Elegost the Dúnedain Ranger, and Elegost's friend Hadhod the Dwarf are the first four characters in your team.
For those of you who don't know, RPGs are games in which you control a team of characters. Battles are done in a turn based system, and characters have a range of abilities, which are selected from a menu.
As your party travel through Middle-earth, you encounter events that take place in the movie trilogy. Gandalf supplies information, in form of a voice over done by sir Ian Mackellen. As with the previous games, based on the trilogy, there are clips from the movie.
At certain points in the game, your party is joined by one of the characters from LOTR. Gandalf, Faramir, etc.
This game is a must for LOTR fans who are gamers!
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