SPOILERS Up-close with an Orc... Just Don't Pucker Up - Two new Pics of Orcs

Here are two new pics found in the magazine Extreme Collector's Guide (Sept. 2001 issue). Neither have yet surfaced across the web.

One is an incredible close-up of an Orc's face (I've been told that most likely it's Grishnákh)... apparently trying to get that little bit of meat out of that annoying space between his teeth. Quite astonishing, don't you think? The second is a shot of an Orc of the White Hand (Lurtz, an Uruk-hai, of Saruman's breeding). Click on the thumbnails for the complete image.

Are you going to tattoo your forehead just like the orcs below (either with the white hand, or the more subtle design on the up-close orc). Leave your thoughts below in the comments, or head over to the messageboard!

Grishnákh... or "I didn't know Gene Simmons was in The Lord of the Rings."

Lurtz: an Orc of the White Hand
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