SPOILERS Storyline Changes Revealed in Film Calendar - Is this "Lord of the Rings" or "Silence of the Lambs"?

Gandalf and the Messenger Moth.
Tim McNulty
Most of the Tolkien websites have already reported on this one and we had planned on saving it for Ancalagon, but since one of our readers made the effort of writing us about it too, what's one more news report about the spoilers in the 2002 Lord of the Rings Calendar?

Gimli does try to destroy the ring at the council.
July 9, 2002

Merry and Pippin do steal veggies from farmer Maggot.
March 15, 2002

The hobbits do get their swords from Aragorn.
July 18, 2002

Gandalf uses a moth to send a message to the eagles in Orthanc.
April 26, 2002

Aragorn recieves the sword Narsil in Rivendell where it dwells in the hands of a statue.
August 2, 2002

One thing's for sure -- this isn't your father's Lord of the Rings!

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