SPOILER: New Pics from the Set! - Arwen being chased...

Scoop.co.nz was anonymously supplied with these images showing Liv Tyler and some Ringwraiths on the set of The Lord of the Rings taken in the South Island near Wanaka... They say memory is the first thing to go, but I'm wracking my brains and scouring the books trying to find where it is exactly that Ringwraiths are in hot pursuit of Arwen and Frodo... You guys have any ideas? Let us know on the Messageboard.

Ringwraiths in hot pursuit of a dummy... oh, and Liv Tyler.

All Elven royalty get to have their own umbrella assistants.

Trying to get a taste of home, these Ringwraiths from Mordor take some deep puffs on tightly rolled pipeweed.

A dummy and Liv Tyler on a fake horse.

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