SPOILER More on Arwen in the Trailer - Our little bird reveals more

Since so many of you were particularly interested in certain trailer scenes involving Arwen, I asked our Crebain from Pasadena to tell more about what they saw.

"She was NOT fighting... Seemed as though she was in a keep. In one scene, you see riders on horses and an individual holding up a sword. The next scene you see is Arwen, looking up, clothed in that hooded outfit."

<!--±5845|right|A hooded Arwen takes Narsil from its resting place in Rivendell±-->In a cloak?  Sounds like the scene where Arwen is taking Narsil from its resting place in Rivendell.

"Very high possibility. I remember Arwen in a cloak in previous images, but did not know that was speculated to be in Rivendell.

Please send my apologies for any of my misinterpretations to all the readers. Even spies can make mistakes :)"



"There were no speaking parts that included Faramir. I do not even recall seeing Faramir, though if I am mistaken, it would have been a flash of Faramir.

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