SPOILER More Details on the New The Two Towers Trailer - Get Your Tickets for Nov. 15

Our flock of spies, the Crebain of Pasadena, have returned with some more details on the new Trailer to be released in a few weeks!

There will be a PG rated version of the trailer that will be attached to "Harry Potter" on November 15th in the United States. This is a straight cutdown of the 3:06 trailer. This 60 second trailer will be shown internationally, and distributors will not have to wait until November 15 to debut this trailer. I actually had an opportunity to see this trailer today, and there are actually some new clips that we have not seen before. One big one, is an opportunity to get a glimpse at Treebeard's upper body (after he picks up Pippin), another one is Arwen kissing Aragorn lightly (he is lying with his eyes closed).


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