SPOILER Details About Character's Film Death Revealed - Dark Horizons

The following news item appeared on Dark Horizons:

'Svaran' has a scoop which, if true has BIG spoilers in it and I mean BIG (as in a character death vastly changed from that in the book). So turn away now....you turned yet. One last time, WARNING WARNING. Ok its on your own head if you read on from here. Here's the scoop from 'Svaran': "I was working on Sunday with a tech at the studios near Wellington airpot where many scenes were shot for Lord of the Rings. Gave me some interesting gos on Sauron. He is a tall armoured figure whose armour is covered in spikes, When the Ring is destroyed Barad-dûr explodes and Sauron is hurled to his death and impaled on a spike which breaks his fall (I can't remember that in the book). At the moment he said that they have constructed another model of the Dark Tower and rigged it with pyros. I asked would the Dark Tower looked like and he said like a mountain covered in towers."

Hmm. We know that Sauron appears as "a tall armoured figure whose armour is covered in spikes" in the Battle of the Last Alliance sequence. This sounds like Sauron's "death," at which Isildur cut the Ring from his finger. As for the Dark Tower exploding, Barad-dûr was destroyed in the siege, but its foundations were left in place and the Dark Tower was rebuilt later in the Third Age.

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