Sorry, wrong answer! - Computer Game Casting List Called Bunk by Ain't it Cool News

Ain't It Cool News is reporting that the casting list found at Corona and (no affiliation) is bogus. This is as I suspected.

Reason 1. Graphics and sound are one of the last things that are finalized in a computer game. Just look at Quake and all it's mods, the easiest thing in that game to change is the graphics and the sounds. So why would this be one of the first things that that would be shopped around?

Reason 2. Sierra Studio is the only company that I know of that has the rights to produce computer games in the Middle Earth setting. So why shop a list around to different companies?

Reason 3. Actors do not own their likenesses, they are public figures and can be copied lock, stock, and barrel if you are licensing the characters that they are portraying. This being the case, how could a game be done without licensing?

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