Playing Games with the Ringbearer - Daily Radar pokes fun at the mystery surrounding LOTR game licenses

We learned by way of Michael Martinez that Daily Radar poked some fun at the mystery surrounding the game license for the Lord of the Rings films in a sidebar to its review of Nightcaster:

Nightcaster's fantasy setting brings up a rather interesting question. Who's going to be making the Lord of the Rings game? It seemed as though Sierra had some book rights early last year, but the company has been very quiet since. EA is a likely candidate to pick up the movie rights, but nobody knows who'll have the definitive LotR game, or what genres it'll encompass.

Our bet is a side-scrolling shooter from Acclaim, featuring Frodo on a skateboard.

Actually, New Line Cinema confirmed in a press release yesterday that Electronic Arts has the license for developing LOTR videogames.

To read the rest of Daily Radar's review of Nightcaster, click on the link below.

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