Peter Jackson sues New Line Cinema - Profits from FOTR at Issue

Peter Jackson is suing New Line Cinema claiming that he is due millions of dollars in unpaid profits from The Fellowship of the Ring.

Here's an excerpt from a good overview at E! Online:

The New Zealand-based filmmaker has filed a lawsuit against his Oscar-winning trilogy's distributor, New Line Cinema, claiming the studio has stiffed him on potentially millions of dollars in profits from the first Rings installment, 2001's The Fellowship of the Ring.

Jackson's production company, Wingnut Films, filed the suit Monday in federal court in Los Angeles, charging New Line and subsidiary Katja Motion Pictures with some book-cooking when it came to accounting for DVD sales. The director also believes New Line gave sweetheart deals to its affiliates when it came to working out licensing agreements, instead of shopping the movie around to get a bigger payday.

Per the suit, New Line failed to procure additional licensing revenue "without first seeking the most competitive and beneficial deals from unaffiliated third parties in a free and open market."

Jackson is seeking unspecified damages in addition to a court order barring New Line from striking similar licensing deals with any affiliates for the Ring flicks.

Jackson reportedly was given 5 percent of the gross for each Lord of the Rings film, in addition to his $10 million salary for the trilogy.

To read the whole article, click here!!

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