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More Rings Filming Starts on Waterfront
May 10, 2002 - The Evening Post

Further filming for the next instalment of Peter Jackson's $650 million The Lord Of The Rings trilogy is under way in Wellington.

The Evening Post understands the Rings production company Three Foot Six has been filming extra scenes or "pick-up shots" for the next film, The Two Towers, on Wellington's waterfront in a secure area of the Centreport complex. Filming at the port is believed to have started early this month.

Centreport chief executive Ken Harris confirmed "film shooting is happening." He didn't know what it was for. However, signs with "Jamb" printed on them have been spotted in the area. Three Foot Six has in the past used those signs as a code to point the way to where it is filming.

Most of the pick-up shots that have been filmed recently have been done indoors at Jackson's Stone St studios in Miramar. Many of the trilogy's stars, such as Liv Tyler and Christopher Lee, are set to return to Wellington in the coming months for filming. The Two Towers is set for end-of-year release.

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