NewsWire: DVD Accounts for Seventy Percent of FOTR Sales - Variety

<i>In a story about the sudden acceleration of the family market for DVD's, Peter Jackson's </i>The Fellowship of the Ring<i> gets a prominent mention.</i>


As with most new high-tech consumer electronics products, the initial customer is the guy who likes action movies, which accounts for five of the top six DVD titles two years ago: "Gladiator," "X-Men," "The Matrix," "The Patriot," and "Mission: Impossible 2."

That guy is still the primary customer for those types of movies on DVD as evidenced by New Line's unprecedented ratio so far of about 70% of all sales for "The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring" coming from DVD, according to Daily Variety sister publication Video Business. That percentage could go even higher when the special extended edition is released in November with hours of exclusive extras only on the DVD.

The "Lord of the Rings" number is even more notable when you consider that DVD players are in just 40% of VCR homes.


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