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Chance Thomas composes a collection of masterpieces for "Lord of the Rings"
by Louis Bedigian
Gamezone Online

<a HREF= TARGET=new>Vivendi Universal</a>'s Lord of the Rings gameVivendi Universal's Lord of the Rings gameLegendary composer Chance Thomas has lent his talents to Vivendi-Universal's entire Lord of the Rings lineup.  We chat with Chance about his creations, a man that should now be called "The Lord of the Music."

There's no denying how important music is in all forms of entertainment.  It grabs you and pulls you into the story of a great movie.  It has the power to influence your emotions, and change the way you think about video games.  Music also has the power to enlighten us.  At times when our vision is blurry, sometimes a song is all that's needed to make the situation become clear.

I have always loved and appreciated music, but very few game or movie soundtracks can compare to the music featured in The Lord of the Rings.  Both the games and the movies based on Tolkien's literature have amazing, unique compositions that add an unbelievable amount of depth to the experience.

Chance Thomas, the man behind the musical theme cycle for Vivendi-Universal's Lord of the Rings game compositions, is an extraordinary talent. Chance composed the music for the Academy Award-winning short film, The ChubbChubbs!  His work could also be heard in movie theatres through the Warcraft III theatrical trailer (Chance helped Blizzard Entertainment make the transition from MIDI sequence to live orchestra). He was also asked to compose music for Unreal II, and last, but certainly not least, Chance provided early music direction and music editing services for The Lord of The Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring and EA's The Two Towers respectively, helping to bring these games to life with a superb soundtrack.

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