New Expanded Middle-earth Sets for Lord of the Rings Customizable Card Game

Decipher has announced the Expanded Middle-earth collection for it's popular Lord of the Rings Customizable Card Game. The new sets will be available on February 17th at regular retailers, and online. Here's exactly what Decipher says:

Expand your collection with the new Limited Edition Expanded Middle-earth Deluxe Draft Box! This product introduces fifteen new cards to The Lord of the Rings TCG, including nine all-new Weta Collection cards. New companions appear from outside of the movies such as Halbarad, Grimbeorn, and Elrohir! Three fixed boxes will be available, each one containing ten premium cards (5 unique cards, 2 copies of each) and four Bloodlines booster packs. The premium cards have been designed to work well in a booster draft environment, but also remain desirable for constructed play. Each box has a die-cut window showing one of the premium cards so you won't have to guess which premium cards you are getting!

Click here to learn more.

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