More CCG Details from Lead Designer - Decipher.Com

Michael Reynolds, chief game designer for the upcoming (Nov. 6) Lord of the Rings Collectible Card Game from Decipher, gives out some intriguing new details in an article at their official website.

He not only confirms that decks will include both "good" cards, to be played during a players turn, and "evil" card to be sprung on your oppenent as they try to act, but also explains some game mechanics and lets slip an important detail.

As far as mechanics are concerned the most detail is given to the idea of the "Twilight Pool". "Each card the fellowship plays adds tokens to twilight pool equal to the card's cost" but "Twilight tokens are the "money" your opponent uses to play shadow cards against you." This balancing principle is designed to accentuate the risk inherent in everything the Fellowship does.

One final note. The list of locations in the article stops at Amon Hen. The clear implication is that this first expansion only includes the story up to the end of the first movie and that future expansions will make the rest of the saga possible.

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