Lord of the Rings: The Third Age Announced - IGN.com

"Electronic Arts announced today they've been hard at work on a new Lord of the Rings title, named Lord of the Rings: The Third Age. The new title departs from most of EA's previous efforts, ditching 'hack and slash' action for something a little more...epic. You'll choose a new character within the Tolkien universe and trudge through various quests and battles, RPG style... The new game drops you on the side of the Fellowship, but EA has mentioned there will be subquests featuring unsavory action on the side of Sauron that players can unlock. Through the journey, you will recruit a party of heroes to help you slay orcs and other nefarious baddies dotting the landscape. As was mentioned earlier, you'll assume the role of a new character. Sorry, Frodo fanboys, you won't get to play the game as Middle-earth's #1 hobbit. "
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