IGN Posts Lord of the Rings Computer Game Trailer - Trailer Available Online.

Sierra's Lord of the Rings Trailer.
Several months ago at E3 I got a chance to take a look at Sierra's upcoming game for the X-Box. At the time they had a wonderful trailer playing at the booth and I asked several different people at the booth if it was going to appear online anytime.

Well, it seems as if Sierra has given IGN a copy of the trailer. I suggest you head on over there and take a look.


Several weeks ago I recieved the following from a source. I have spent the last week waiting for responses from people inside Sierra, but I think due to the company being reorganized they have not answered me. So I will post the following without Sierra's permission. I would recommend getting ahold of the file as we may have to add it to our rather large section dedicated to files which are "not for public comsumption"

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