Games Workshop Updates Site - Interview with Richard Taylor and more Previews of Minatures

I picked this up over at Imladris. Games Workshop has updated their site.

"Gordon Davidson caught up with Richard Taylor, one of the directors of Weta Workshop Ltd on a recent trip to Games Workshop HQ in Nottingham, England. Weta was responsible for all the on-set special effects, armour, weapons, etc., and we were able to get an interview with him about The Lord Of The Rings. Read about his work on the movie, plus Games Workshop's trips to the Cannes Film Festival." For information about the interview, Click here.

"As we move closer to the launch of The Lord Of The Rings game, we can now show you some of the miniatures that will be available for purchase. The first is Gimli, the Dwarf warrior. We'll introduce a new miniature each month, so be sure to keep looking!" Click Here to take a look at Gimli.

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