Extended Version of Fellowship to be Released in Theaters? - PJ comments on why the extended version is being cut as a 35 millimeter film and NOT video format

In the latest issue of the LOTR Official Fan Club magazine, Peter Jackson has a very interesting quote when asked, "Is there any chance that the expanded version of The Fellowship of the Ring will ever be shown in theaters someday?" PJ's tantalizing response? "That's definitely not been decided in any way. What we are doing, which is significant, is finishing the movie on 35 millimeter (film)....we are delivering the extended cut as a complete 35 millimeter film. So it would be perfectly possible to have a print that can be screened in theaters...I know that there has been talk at New Line about whether or not there should be a limited release of The Fellowship in November or December, just prior to The Two Towers....I don't think that anyone has made that final decision, but I would certainly push that."
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