Another Small bit on Lord of the Rings Computer Game - Cinescape reports EA and New Line

The following doesn't seem to contain any new news but this is a confirmation of what we heard a while back. EA didn't feel they wanted to say anything to us back at E3, so I guess this is a step in the right direction. From this we can tell that EA has the rights to games based on the movies and Sierra has the rights to games based on the books.

I think this is all a great idea. Next I want to see each of the groups try to "one up" each other in features and in the platforms and generes they will cover.

After months of negotiations between Electronic Arts and New Line Cinema, the two have finally struck a deal that will allow EA to develop games based on the LORD OF THE RINGS movies.

Electronic Arts did not release any specifics, like which system the games would be released on, but did confirm that several projects were already underway. "Yes, Electronic Arts does have an agreement with New Line Cinema to produce a series of games based on the LORD OF THE RINGS movie," says Jeff Brown, spokesperson for Electronic Arts. "The games are in development right now and we will have more information for you later."

Anyone remember the LORD OF THE RINGS role-playing game for the Super Nintendo, years ago? Let's see if Electronic Arts can give us a LORD OF THE RINGS RPG with the graphics of FINAL FANTASY X. There's something for everyone to hope for. We'll keep you updated.

Thanks to James for pointing the article out.

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