And I thought I'd seen everything! - Mattel announces new Barbie Galadriel and Barbie-Ken-Legolas!

Barbie GaladrielBarbie Galadriel

That's right folks. You read correctly. Your eyes are not deceiving you. Mattel have announced two new Barbie Dolls just in time for Christmas!

Galadriel Barbie® and Legolas Ken® are due to go on sale in the next few weeks. Both have pointed ears and are dressed as their Lord of the Rings counterparts. Mattel's description of Barbie® includes the following;

" ... wears an exquisite stretch mesh gown. Decorations include a "shell" medallion and glitter printed satin ribbon belt. Shoes and a crown complete the beautiful costume. Her long flowing hair covers pointed elven ears."

and Ken® is described thus

Ken LegolasKen Legolas" ... wears a striking costume complete with earth-toned tunic and pants. His long flowing blond hair features two braids in front, much like the hairstyle worn by Orlando Bloom in the film. Pointed ears, boots and gauntlets complete his elven ensemble."

You can pre order Barbie® and Ken® at Amazon if you so desire.

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