• Games Workshop Hits 18-Month High - The London Times

    The London Times reports that shares in Games Workshop touched their best level for 18 months on talk that forthcoming full-year figures from the fantasy games developer could beat analysts’ forecasts. In January, the company signed a deal to produce table-top war games and models based on The Lord of the Rings novels of J.R.R. Tolkien, the first live-action adaptation of which should reach cinema screens in December. For more information, CLICK HERE.

  • Photographs from Sideshow Toy Display at Comic Con 2001 - Action Figure Times

    Elijah Wood (Frodo) makes a surprise appearance at the Sideshow Toy Comic Con 2001 booth, where helmets, weapons and figures were on display.

  • The Lord of the Rings: The Search - Rio Grande Games

    Rio Grande Games sent us a product description of their Lord of the Rings board game, which will be released in August.

  • SPOILERS InQuest Magazine's Look at the Footage - More thoughts on the Footage.

    "Seizing the oppertunity, the elf runs across the chain to reach the troll's back and fires a clean shot down through its head..."

  • Preview Upcoming 2001 LOTR Products at San Diego Comic Con - Sideshow Toys

    "We would like to invite you to join us at the San Diego Comicon, July 19th through the 24th to preview our upcoming product lines for 2001. Be the first to view up close Series 3 and 4 of our Lord of the Rings collectible figures, busts and helmets from the upcoming New Line Cinema release. Series 1 and 2 will also be on display."

  • NewsWire: Now Playing at the Toy Box - The Record

    "With two sequels planned, the Lord of the Rings trilogy will have kids, as well as their parents, scouring the toy aisles for years to come."

  • NewsWire: Lord of the Rings Calls Mobile Users - Reuters

    "RIOT-E's mobile games will provide a launch pad into unique wireless The Lord of the Rings experiences, fuelling the world's excitement and curiosity about the movie," David Imhoff executive vice president of New Line Cinema said.

  • Miniatures from LOTR Tabletop Game - Caltanet Cinema

    Thanks to Ain't It Cool News, we learned that Caltanet Cinema has posted photographs of minatures from Games Workshop's LOTR tabletop game. CLICK HERE.

  • SPOILER LOTR Footage Report Part II - MovieHeadlines.Net

    There was a screening of the Cannes footage for merchadising folks in London last Wednesday, right on the fourth of July. Up today is the followup MovieHeadlines.Net exclusive part two report with more details on footage, reaction and much, much more! CLICK HERE

  • News from Latest CCG Playtest - Radio Free Decipher

    Last week's playtest at the Origins convention is declared a success.

  • Running Time of Fellowship of the Ring? - Herr der Ringe

    Cirdan of Herr der Ringe reports that a Finnish magazine published an article about the LOTR production. Among other things they mentioned the running-time of the latest rough cut of the first Lord Of The Rings film: 160 minutes. (For the mathematically impaired, that's 2 hours, 40 minutes).

  • The Game of the Rings - Caltanet Cinema

    Rick Priestley, the person in charge for the LOTR table game based on the movie and created by Games Workshop, speaks about the work the company is doing.

  • LOTR Table Game Miniatures - Caltanet

  • Fellowship of the Ring Special Preview - Now Magazine

    Herr Der Ringe has posted a two-page preview of the first film appearing in Now Magazine. There's nothing new to regular visitors to this site, masochistics may wish to read about how "scriptwriters have adapted Liv Tyler's elf princess to be more warrior-like, so she will appeal to the modern woman" -- just CLICK HERE.

  • SPOILER Details About Character's Film Death Revealed - Dark Horizons

    "'Svaran' has a scoop which, if true has BIG spoilers in it and I mean BIG (as in a character death vastly changed from that in the book). So turn away turned yet. One last time, WARNING WARNING. Ok its on your own head if you read on from here..."

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