2003 Golden Globe Results - Lord of The Rings overlooked... this time!

<B><I>The Lord of The Rings: The Two Towers</I></B> was nominated for 2 Golden Globe Awards. How did it fare? Not too well.

<B>Best Director:</B> The man behind it all, Peter Jackson, received a return nomination from last year's Golden Globes. Unfortunately, like last year, Peter did not win. Martin Scorsese took home the award for <I>"Gangs of New York"</I>.

<B>Best Motion Picture (Drama):</B> The Two Towers was nominated for Best Motion Picture (Drama) of the year. Again, like last year, LOTR was beat out - this time by <I>"The Hours"</I>.

Another shut out... yet hope remains. Let's see what Oscar has to say about the matter.

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