Tolkien Fans Gather in Argentina - TOLKIEN 2003 Convention in Buenos Aires

Silvana emailed me the following info:

The Asociación Tolkien Argentina (A.T.A.) has been functioning for over 5 years in Argentina and is the only Tolkien related institution that has been acknowledged by the national government. It is organized into "smials" all over the Argentine territory and has been holding these Annual conventions for four years now. This year, the theme are Hobbits and their role in Middle earth.

These Conventions host several activities, such as in-depth discussion forums on many different subjects, including art, weaponry, beer and food making workshops, Middle earth languages open classes, live music, role playing and other games, quizzes, etc.

Tolkien 2002 had an attendance of around 1000 visitors from all over the country.

More information can be obtained at the A.T.A. website,

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