LOTR Symphony performance to perform in Pittsburgh - Tickets go on sale on Monday

Steph just sent in the following info... Thanks Steph!


There will be two dates available for ticket purchases on Monday, 3/28/05: July 22 & 23 2005. It will start at 8:00 AM. Please note, there is going to be an after-concert "meet and greet" with the conductor, John Mauceri. For any of you who do not yet know, Howard Shore will not be here this year. Likely as not you will have to have seats at the highest price to get the extra ticket for admission. That's how it worked last year. Last year those seats cost $80/each. I think they will be the same price this year.

Also, there is going to be a dinner each night before each performance. The cost is $65/person. Like last year this dinner is being done as a benefit for the PSO. This year there will be a theme to each night's menu: Friday night dinner: "A Shire Homecoming"; Saturday night dinner: "The Coronation Of A King." I'm trying to find out if you will be able to purchase the tickets at the same time you purchase your Symphony tickets.

If any of you reading this are coming in from out of town and will need a hotel room, there is the possibility of a room/tickets package. It's not all confirmed, though it is mostly ready, that there is a package available at the Hilton Hotel.

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