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Robert emailed me with the following info:

I have great news about the latest projects by the Italian Tolkien Society. First, the trip to New Zealand that the ITS is organising and that will see a 18 days tour of this wonderful country. We received a lot of requests not only from italian fans, but from european ones too. Even if the departure is from Rome, our travel agency is preparing special tickets for the european people who want to arrive in Rome and join our adventure. The trip will be between march and april of the next year. We still don't know the exact price, but I can advance you that it will be extremely cheap (considering that is a New Zealand tour, of course)
You can read all details by clicking here:
Most important, the ITS is organising a great event in Bruxelles to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the publication of the first two volumes of The Lord of The Rings. The event will occur in march, 2004, in the prestigious European Parliament and it will last a week. The English Tolkien Society expressed its enthusiasm to collaborate at the celebration and other Tolkien Societies all over the world are giving their adhesion to the initiative. Moreover, the ITS is also trying to obtain the collaboration of national and european institutions, as the european Parliament and Commission, the italian ministries, the English and New Zealand gouvernments. It would be the first time that such important institutions would support a Tolkien-related event.

During this week, the organisers planned important meetings and exhibitions with the most important experts and painters of J.R.R. Tolkien coming from every part of the world. Last but not least, the event will pay attention to the movies directed by Peter Jackson and on the New Zealand. The ITS, thanks also to the help and the prestige of the English Tolkien Society, hope to have someone from the cast of LOTR as guest.
You can read the full press release here:

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