First round of voting over: Toronto way ahead - New York, Denver in statistical tie for second place; Planning Committee eyeing three-way runoff

By Sean P. Dailey/spd of TORC
Gathering of the Fellowship 2003 publicity spokesman

With the first round of voting to select a host city for the Gathering of the Fellowship 2003, the results are in: Toronto is leading the pack with 22 percent of the total votes cast, with New York City and Denver in a statistical dead heat for second place.

Below are the official voting results as reported on the official Gathering of the Fellowship website,, with cities ranked in descending order of votes recieved.

The Gathering's Planning Committee had planned on having a two-way runoff between the top two vote-getters, but with New York and Denver basically tied, the committee is meeting again to discuss having a three-way runoff, with the winner of that contest being named host city.

An emergency meeting will be held as soon as one can be scheduled, with the decision released immediately afterward, BEFORE runoff voting begins Thursday, Aug. 1. As with the first round of voting, the runoff round will last 10 days and conclude at midnight, Pacific Standard Time, Sunday, Aug. 11.

Gathering president Ed Rodrigues noted the anomalies created by the voting system he came up with - five points going to a first place vote, three points going to a second place vote and 1 point to a third place vote.

"Denver actually had more first place votes, but New York edged them out because they had more second place votes," Rodrigues said. "And Charleston had the most second place votes, which helped them edge out San Francisco."

1. Toronto, Ontario, Canada
575 points
22.0 of the total
75 first place votes
54 second place votes
38 third place votes

2. New York City
368 points
14.1 percent of the total
41 first place votes
39 second place votes
46 third place votes

3. Denver, Colorado
363 points
13.9 percent of the total
48 first place votes
25 second place votes
48 third place votes

4. Atlanta, Georgia
346 points
13.2 percent of the total
42 first place votes
34 second place votes
34 third place votes

5. Los Angeles, California
341 points
13 percent of the total
35 first place votes
40 second place votes
46 third place votes

6. Charleston, South Carolina
335 points
12.8 percent of the total
23 first place votes
59 second place votes
43 third place votes

7. San Francisco, California
291 points
11.1 percent of the total
27 first place votes
40 second place votes
36 third place votes

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