Catholic Writer's Festival - With a Mock Trial of Peter Jackson

Thanks to ElmTree for this info:

Tthere will be a Catholic Writer's festival at Franciscan University Friday Sept. 13 through September 15. Ron Hansen is the keynote speaker. Other speakers include Melissa Wiley, Ralph McInerny, Barbara Niolosi, Kazimierz Braun, Bud McFarlane, Jr., Erin McGraw. The conference opens at 3:30 on Friday with a Mock Trial of Peter Jackson for the Desecration of THE LORD OF THE RINGS with Joseph Pearce and Dr. Henri Russell, moderated by Dr. Regis Martin. (This will be broadcast live on the internet.) Additional Information is available at website or from Shaun Dougherty at 740-283-6245 ext 2121. Cost is $45.

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