Ancanar at The Gathering of the Fellowship - Gregory Lee Kenyon will attend GOTF Convention in Toronto

From We're happy to announce that Gregory Lee Kenyon (Ancanar) will be appearing at The Gathering 2003 in Toronto this December. Director/writer Sam Balcomb and producer/actor Raiya Corsiglia have already announced that they will present a special Ancanar event at The Gathering. Also appearing will be Joe Piela of the Lonely Mountain Forge, who fashioned the armour for the Elven captain, Finlomë. Joe will be doing a presentation on the arms and armour of Middle-earth. Other news was announced concerning the Ancanar event itself. Exclusive footage will be shown, prepared especially for The Gathering, with whole scenes from the film. Following the showing will be a Q&A forum. Raiya and Sam will also be a part of a panel session called "Making Middle-Earth Real: Tangibility and Tolkien".
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