The Proceedings of "Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On" being published at end of September

Here's the press release from the Tolkien Society:

The Proceedings of "Tolkien 2005: The Ring Goes Ever On" are being published at the end of September.

837 pages, 98 papers, 95 authors, two volumes, one very good conference!

Published in two volumes the proceedings are available to order from Tolkien Society Trading and include papers from David Bratman, Rhona Beare, John Garth, Nancy Martsch, Michael Scott Rohan, Greg Wright, Dimitra Fimi, Lynnette R. Porter, and Tom Shippey.

The two volumes cover 11 subject areas for papers –

• Tolkien's Life
• Middle-earth at the Movies
• Tolkien in Other Lands
• Tolkien's Legacy
• Tolkien's Sources
• Tolkien's World
• Tolkien's People
• Other Voices
• The Telling of Tales: Myth and Storytelling
• Theology and the Nature of Good and Evil
• Tolkien's Literary Achievement

To Order:
Both volumes are only available together and can be pre-ordered for postal delivery when published, or for collection at Oxonmoot, through Tolkien Society Trading.

Prices (including postage, where applicable):

UK: Collection at TS event ?30 / US$60, or ?35 / US$70
Europe & World Surface: ?50 / US$100
World Air: ?66 / US$132

The Tolkien 2005 Proceedings are initially only available through Tolkien Society Trading Ltd.

Order on-line (for credit and debit card orders only):

Order by September 20th for collection at Oxonmoot 2008, if attending.

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