The Millenium Edition of LOTR - The Millenium Edition is Available Here in the US

I have received many e-mails letting me know that this new edition is available here in the US. I actually got e-mails a week ago, and have procrastinated posting it. I need to hire myself an Orcish motivational taskmaster to help me keep up to date with the site. I have included a portion of Erik Myers e-mail to me who originally pointed this out to me. Thanks and sorry for the delay.

The Millenium Edition of LOTR is apparently available in the US as of yesterday [Ed. Oct 5 I believe], as I was at my local Borders, saw a copy, fondled it, and lamented the seventy dollar price tag. The CD, however, was NOT included (more's the shame). It is quite lovely, though, and much smaller than the photo would suggest, more akin to a mass market paperback, and the overall appearance is that of a turn-of-the-century hardcover (ie tiny and with what would suggest finer print). Hope this is of interest to my fellow Tolkien freaks. Tomorrow is payday for me; I'm off to secure my copy!
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